Steel: the construction material of the future

Together with developers and architects, Hollandia engineers solutions to create the most cost-effective structures without compromising the vision for the building. Choosing the right materials is essential to find the perfect balance in design and cost gains.

‘Steel is the material of choice that maximizes architectural freedom and enables an earlier return of invested capital.’

Steel buildings are rapid to construct, of high quality, flexible and adaptable in application, and energy efficient in use.

Steel frames can be delivered to a building site in large pre-fabricated assemblies. This is a solution for projects in dense urban areas that demand a high speed of construction with limited storage space for materials.

Saving weight
Up to 30% lower foundation loads. 

Saving space
Lower floors require slimmer support structures.
The integration of services in the structural zone leads to reduction of 100 to 300mm in floor to floor zone and hence to savings in cladding cost.

Saving time
Less preparation time prior to construction.
20-30% reduction of on-site construction time with minimal delay during winter construction.

Form freedom 
Endless architectural expression possibilities.

Increased flexibility 
Long span steel construction provides more flexible use of space.

Project: Newfoundland

Project Newfoundland London


Main contractor: Canary Wharf Contractors
Client: Canary Wharf Group
Floors: 61
Height: 220 meters
Completion date: Q4 2018 

Short construction period
10.000 tons of steel construction parts
Each delivered at exactly the right time
Located in the financial heart of London

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30 St Mary Axe

Project 30 St Mary Axe



Main contractor: Skanska
Client: Swiss Re
Floors: 40
Height: 180 meters
Diameter: 50 meters
Completion date: 2002 

One year construction period
10.000 tons of steel construction parts 
Location: City of London

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Kennedy tower

Project Kennedy Tower



Client: OntwikkelingsCombinatie Eindhoven 
Floors: 22
Height: 85 meters
Completion: October 2003

Unique construction design 
2.500 tons of steel construction parts 
Location: Centre of Eindhoven

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