Europe’s most experienced steel constructor

With 90 years of experience, the Dutch company Hollandia has earned a reputation in steel construction for taking on the biggest challenges. Projects that other contractors consider too risky are seen as an opportunity for Hollandia to demonstrate its capabilities. Our engineers, tradesmen and construction management take steel into uncharted territory, pushing the boundaries beyond what was previously thought possible in steel construction.

These challenges inspire us to exceed our own expectations. It drives us to push the boundaries in engineering and logistics which allows us to delivers bigger performances in shorter periods.

‘Since 1992, Hollandia has been changing the London Skyline with 14 Iconic high rise buildings. These steel constructions have a combined weight
of 113,350 tonnes.’

Competing with the top

Hollandia Structures has won numerous international awards, the most recent include:

Whitechapel Station
2017: BIM award
Holmestrand train station Norway
2016: Dutch National Steel Award 
IJSEI, Amsterdam
2014: BREEAM excellence
Lely office Maassluis The Netherlands
2013: Excellence on Safety and Execution 
Exxon Mobile Rotterdam

Petrochemical installations

Hollandia has constructed some of the most challenging and complex projects for leading blue chip companies such as Shell, BP, Exxon and many others. Innovative strategies for prefabrication and logistics minimize site construction time whilst maintaining the industry’s highest quality and safety standards.

High-rise & utility buildings

Hollandia boasts an impressive portfolio of high-rise buildings, train stations, shopping malls and car parks, including world famous landmarks.

Hollandia offers the complete scope for design supply and installation of:
- Steel construction with fireproof coating
- Service infrastructure in prefabricated modules
- Floor, roof and facade systems

Unmatched expertise in complex projects

Hollandia Structures has developed a solid expertise in the fabrication of steel structures that present huge challenges and associated  risks. Our experienced engineers, technicians and management  devise - unique & sometimes unconventional - solutions to the challenges presented.

Dutch mentality
The culture at Hollandia is one of continuous performance improvement. Our dedicated and stable workforce demonstrates flexibility and creativity to find solutions to minimize  programmes and ensure deadlines are maintained.

‘The financial stakes are high, demanding construction work to take place in the shortest possible time.’



Architectural and geometric complexity
Hollandia finds solutions to realise designs that are pushing the boundaries of engineering and construction.

Fast-track schedule
Construction elements are preassembled in the factory to minimize construction time on site.

Logistics and planning 
Each component can be delivered at exactly the right time to any place in the world. 

Environmental restrictions
Innovative planning and flexible labour strategies allow scheduling of the construction work to minimize any negative influences on local traffic, amenities or the environment.

Compliance and certification
Hollandia has LEED BREEAM certification and has committed to lower the environmental impact of the construction process.