Hollandia is a multifaceted company with an open mind towards employees with different backgrounds. Besides education and experience, attitude and character is equally important. 

When you are a team player and posses entrepreneurial skills, working for Hollandia comes with many opportunities. 

Develop your talents

Hollandia highly values personal development. We like to see you grow and evolve towards your next work-level. We support this evolvement and choose to foresee the future together whilst we focus on the development of individual talent. Social trends as digitization, the aging population en fading borders are of influence on our customers and  line of business. Hollandia anticipates through innovation and new ways of collaborating. In order to maintain our service we adapt to changes, personally and professionally.  We invest in these changes through education, training, workshops, coaching, career coaching, etc. 

Your Future with Hollandia 

Hollandia believes it is very important that you have space to develop yourself in order to create a fun working environment where you can work and make full use of your capacities. You also have the option of shaping your own career. A multifaceted organization as Hollandia offers plenty of carrier opportunities. Every employee composes a personal development plan together with their manager. This plan holds specific actions to further assist you in your development. Taking your own responsibility plays a crucial role in this plan.

The aging of the population and the decline in numbers of graduates causes the career market to shrink. Thats why Hollandia cherish their talent. Our mission is to match the right person with the right position, at the right moment in time, now and in the future.


Salary: Hollandia offers a competitive salary. We work in line with the  function structures (ISF for Collective Employment Agreement scales  and Hay for above CEA scales). A regular benchmark guarantees that we provide a competitive salary with excellent secondary employment conditions.

CEA: Hollandia is affiliated with the CEA Metalelectro and holiday- and adv days are applies accordingly.

Pension: All pensions are carried out by the Metalelectro Pensionfund (PME)

Flexible work times: Certain office functions can be carried out within a flexible schedule.

Employee benefits: Hollandia offers a full package of benefits such as collective health insurance, disability insurance, private insurance(car, household, storage, travel) and outings. 

Training Centre

Technical specialism is scarce which is why Hollandia has its own training centre in Heijningen where students are educated for the job. This involves students from the VMBO level of education who follow( because of a close relationship between Hollandia and the schools) a 2 year practice and theory program where they are trained to be a welder or assembler. During this course the students receive a salary and everything involved  like books, a course-fee and personal safety equipment, is been taken care of by  Hollandia. When a student has successfully completed the program he or she can be offered a position. More information or applications can requested at werken@hollandia.biz

HBO / University

To bridge the gap between polytechnics and business Hollandia maintains close links with universities and colleges. Hollandia has an extensive internship program for students. We organize excursions and workshops on a regular basis and participate in in several educational programs with guest colleges from Hollandia employees. More information or applications can requested at werken@hollandia.biz 

Internships and graduation

Internship and Graduation Hollandia offers students extensive intern- and graduation opportunities. You will gain experience and get acquainted with our culture, the innovative work procedures and our team of experts. Throughout the year we offer internships with the different disciplines and company levels. There are internships possible for every educational level in their penultimate or final year, in the field of: Civil engineering, mechanical engineering and business economics.

An internship with Hollandia is the perfect way to gain experience and a change to secure a job. At the end of your traineeship we evaluate your passed period and discuss further career possibilities. When there is a mutual enthusiasm it is very likely we offer you a position after your graduation.

The Hollandia Training Centre ensures excellent guidance for all sorts of internships like a specific experience traineeship or a more general internship at al levels of education. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or an experienced professional, we offer positions at all levels with plenty of growth opportunities and challenges. You can read more about the possibilities of our internship- and graduation program and current available positions on this page.

There are no open vacancies at this moment.