A new world of steel

Industrial areas and business centres are experiencing a huge concentration of economic activities on a relatively small surface. Strategic locations with easy access roads form the ideal establishment for a variety of businesses. The potential value of every square meter is so immense that the space should be used to the optimal. The return of investment of new constructions should be maximized. In addition clients demand a quicker turnaround of operations on location, so commercial interests are influenced as little as possible. 

These challenges inspire us to exceed our own expectations. It drives us to push the boundaries in engineering and logistics which allows us to delivers bigger performances in shorter periods.

Bigger, better, faster, stronger

Over the years we specialized in engineering, manufacturing and montaging of large and complex steel constructions. Our strength and added value lies in heavy steel construction in which engineering and logistics are a challenge. Clients demand  a faster turnaround of works on their own grounds, so their activities are least affected by constructions. This implies more pre-fabrication. We see this in the built module for petrochemical plants and in large trusses or composed staircases that have to be transported in big parts from and to our construction site.

We take away the pressure by offering the total scope of services in fire resistant coating, piping in pre-fabrication modules and delivery and placing of steel-sheet concrete floor, channel sheets and other floor-, roof and facade systems. 


In close collaboration with civil engineers we design, manufacture and construct convenient operation sites, warehouses and efficient factories. Through smart design we can deliver huge achievements against competitive prices. We apply automated production methods on repetitive shapes and always carry out an in-house conservation. This is why we can guarantee the best quality and a swift turnaround.

Petrochemistry & powerstations

Our project organization is well acquainted with the specific safety regulations of (petro)chemistry industries and powerstations which is why we can deliver all sorts of steel constructions for crackers, equipment, operating platforms en pipe bridges. If desired, provided with roof- facade sheeting, doors, windows and additional finishing. In addition we construct and deliver onshore modules like PAU’s and PAR’s for, for example LNG-terminals.

Non-residential construction

Innovative design of high-rise, shopping malls and car parks demand constant engineering and construction improvements, OUr engineering team posses the knowledge to fully use limited spaces. Thanks to our modern production line and internationally focused project management team we can operate on the best quality on time against competitive prices.